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Dori Slosberg Driver Safety Education Act

Dr. McElroy testified in Tallahassee in support of this act.


The Dori Slosberg Highway Safety Foundation is a non-governmental, not for profit, public service organization dedicated to traffic safety. The foundation is named in memory of Dori Slosberg the daughter of State Representative Irving Slosberg who was killed in a car crash.[1] The Foundation has be instrumental in promoting highway safety in Florida though programs including Staying Alive on 95 and Survive the Drive.[2]

The Foundation campaigned for the The Dori Slosberg and Katie Marchetti Safety Belt Law[3] which was passed in 2009.[4] The law gives police the authority to pull over drivers solely for not wearing a seatbelt. — Wikipedia






 Florida Atlantic University Lecture

Thank you for the splendid presentation in my “Inventive Problem Solving” class at FAU. All participating students, currently majoring in Engineering, Computer Science and Social Science (and of course the instructor), loved your talk. They were exposed to solving problems of different kind: given after-the-fact accident results, investigate “what happened”. These problems require environmental, vehicular and driving knowledge, as well as knowledge in several different disciplines, such as mechanics, electronics, and computers. On top of those, in investigating accidents, creativity, common sense, and imagination play a huge role.

In your presentation you skillfully managed to show the students how knowledge and creativity can be combined to achieve amazing results. You showed great concepts in a clear and concise way. Your real world examples, humor, and interactive lecturing made the presentation real informative, attractive and effective.



Risk Insurance Management Society Presentation 

I found the information you presented to be quite fascinating. It is amazing how you can reconstruct an accident using the various concepts and techniques you demonstrated.










Traffic Safety Committee of the Palm Beaches Distinguished Service Award


On behalf of the Traffic Safety Committee of the Palm Beaches I am happy to inform you that you have been selected by the Traffic Safety Committee to receive the 1998 Distinguished Service Award for Education/Professional.

Through your work you have made an outstanding contribution to our community and we who are involved in Traffic Safety appreciate your dedication.









Defense Case – Regional Emergency Medical Services Authority – REMSA, Nevada


We just recently were able to conduct a jury poll and the jury felt you were very believable. Jurors described you as “awesome,” that you “knew your stuff,” that you were a little robotic, but knew what you were doing, and that your testimony was “very impressive.” One juror felt that the ARGO [EDR device] was the most important piece of evidence, which you did a very good job of explaining. Also, one juror commented you were more comfortable in the courtroom than any other witness.

Regarding the expert witness fees, two (2) of the jurors commented that they did not expect you to be in Nevada without being compensated.

The Safeco representative who monitored the trial thought you were an incredible witness and one of the best she has seen.





Plaintiff Case – Trucking Accident, Florida


Your testimony in the above-captioned case was extraordinary and, as a result, you were most instrumental in our recovering a very good verdict.











South Florida Forensic Association


Mannesman VDO EDR Accident Data Recorder


Service Technicians Society Certified Professional Technician


Accrediation Commisison for Traffic Accident Reconstruction

Society of Automotive Engineers SAE Sections Board Award

Dr. McElroy accepts Sections Board Award from SAE President Claude Verbal at the 1996 SAE International Congress and Exposition

Dr. McElroy accepts Sections Board Award from SAE President Claude Verbal at the 1996 SAE International Congress and Exposition

Takata Recall Affects 46 Million Vehicles in U.S.

Takata Recall Affects 46 Million Vehicles in U.S.

Takata's airbag recall affects over 46 million U.S. vehicles. As of June 2017 65% HAVE NOT been replaced. (Reuters)

If unable to promptly get a replacement and worried about what could happen in a crash, then you can request from NHTSA to install an airbag On-Off Switch. Here is the NHTSA link: http://www.safercar.gov/Vehicle+Shoppers/Air+Bags/ON-OFF+Switch+Requests

Airbag Recall Technology

Airbag Recall Technology

When the inflator assembly is activated, sodium azide produces nitrogen gas which flows through the filter screen and into the airbag. Time between crash detection and complete airbag deployment is approximately 0.05 seconds. Typical airbag deployment speed is 200 mph. If the inflator assembly is structurally defective the inflator assembly can explode,

GM Ignition Switch Defect

GM Ignition Switch Turns OFF

A fundamental problem with the design of this ignition switch assembly in that the key can easily rotate to the ACCESSORY position which turns off the engine.

Turning off the engine affects vehicle controllability and turns off the airbag systems.

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Millbrook GM European Proving Grounds

Millbrook GM European Proving Grounds

Dr. McElroy visits GM European proving grounds in 2011



Millbrook Overview

Millbrook Overview

Tomberlin Low Speed Vehicle

Tomberlin Low Speed Vehicle